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You have just entered my hideaway. This is not an ordinary hideaway. So be careful, cause i'm not sure if you can get out of here. And if you can, just keep your mouth shut or wait for my revenge!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Post

Hi, Viewers!

Yesterday, I viewed 2 blogs made by my friends, and I'm interested to make one too, and now I have finally made it.
I make this blog not only to let you guys know how my life is, but also to be a good place for me to share my feelings or secrets.
It's my first post, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Windrich, which means win and rich, given by my dad.I am the smallest child in my family with 3 sisters.. I'm Indonesian, living in Medan, studying at Sutomo 1.
Besides, since this is my hideaway, entering this page means trespassing, right? :P Thus, do not feel insulted when I call you guys trespassers okay? :P

That's all for my first thread. Wait for my next updates. Hope you'll enjoy my blog. English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize for either grammatical or vocabulary mistakes. Feel free to comment.


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