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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming-soon Farewell

Hi again trespassers!

I apologize for my blog's long slumber. Well, blame my laziness :p
Actually, I'm one of the scholars going to Singapore to continue my school, and this time I'm trying to write about this. Therefore, this thread will be replete with my feelings about this scholarship.

Firstly, of course getting the full scholarship to study in Singapore, a developed country with good education and technology, is a feather in my cap, let alone entering the Integrated Program (IP). Besides, I have the chance to reach my maturity there, because I'm 'forced' to live without my parents, not even a member of my family.
After being told by my friend studying there, what I like about the education is that they expect us to understand the subjects more than memorize them. Besides our test results, they also assess us from our projects, while in my school, they only value us from our test results, without a guarantee of the genuineness of our exams.
Furthermore, after graduation, I'll have the better chance to enter good universities such as NTU, NUS, or who knows, Oxford or Harvard.
However, the rapid internet will be the only entertainment I'll have there.


Despite those all benefits, I'm very sad to leave this full-of-memories town, my pleasant home, my caring family, my lovely friends, and someone <3 ;) :( I know I can return to my hometown sometimes, but it will be a totally different life there without them.
Besides, the IP class, which I joined, will probably be quite difficult for me. Students in IP class do not need to take the O-Level test, but the problem is that I must be able to avert being kicked from the class, which might be quite hard by virtue of the high scores expectations. In addition, during last 5 months, I've been attending Science Education tuition and English tuition. To my consternation, it is discernible that some of my classmates, not entering IP class, seem to be smarter than me. This is the reason why I often question my ability to compete with my future classmates.
I hope I will not be the maladjusted one, being unable to cope with onerous assignments.
However, after all, I can just continue the path of life I've chosen, hoping it to be smooth.

Okay, finally finished. Apparently it is quite long haha. Hope you enjoy it. Either do you agree with me or not, you can post a comment here or email me (windrichie@yahoo.com).

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